Swenson Gardens


Snow and 20-30 below average temperatures seems to be the theme this week on the peony farm. With single digit temps at night and 8″ of new snow on Monday, thought we would be into spring by now? No buds showing on the trees yet so assuming we could be in for a late spring. Ok dad, stop whining and lets go for a run! Redd and Heidi don’t seem to mind the snow so guess I should be thankful for the added moisture and nutrients the snow brings to the soil.

The growth spurt that Heidi experienced from last weeks post seems to be almost 50% done as at least one ear is now pinned up.

Heidi still has trouble with the ‘out’ command from me so hopefully Redd will teach her better!

Thanks Redd! It was so cute this morning when the temps were 9 F. Tried to get a selfie of Heidi and I when she snuggled up to me and put her head on my shoulder and started licking my face while driving the Gator at full speed to end the driveway. Was that her way of telling me she likes to go fast? I think it was! Ok troops, time to head in as dad is freezing driving up and down the driveway as fast as the Gator will go!

With the colder temps, guess who gets to stay in the house and snuggle up after a long run this morning. Sorry picture isn’t better as I had to take it through the patio door window vs waking them up opening the door. Guess dad wore them out riding up and down the driveway in the Gator. Ok friends will see you next week for life on the peony farm!

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