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Monthly Archive: September 2020


Hard to believe that Swenson Gardens 2020 peony season is coming to an end. Last day to order is September 25, 2020. Thank you to all our existing gardeners and new gardeners who have purchased our chemical free bare root peonies this season. We look forward to digging and shipping this last group of orders in the very near future. Our 2021 website will be opening later this year so check back for more info. Happy planting!


Swenson Gardens customers, its time to pick up your orders. Our teams have completed the first peony dig and all orders are ready for pick up on Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th from 9am to 5PM. The address again is 10958 70th ST SW, Howard Lake, MN. Head north on our driveway towards our house as parking is available up here. Staff will be available to give you hands on planting instructions and talk peonies. If you haven’t decided where to plant them yet, make sure their site location has at least 8 hours of sunlight, good ventilation and for sure, a well drained location. Also on our website, we note the width of the peonies when mature. DO NOT plant in a location where they will not have room to grow. They do not like to be crowded out by other peonies, perennials, shrubs and trees. For sure do not plant them in a site location where a peony was planted before unless you excavate a cubic yard of original soil and replace with new black dirt or topsoil.

Yes peony gardeners, our annual Peony Barn Sale will be open during peony pick up days. Peonies are available on a first come first served basis so sorry there is no pre-buy or save options. We do not have a list of varieties available so plan to arrive early for best selections. Our Peony Barn Sale is open to the public so load up the mini-van with friends and family to enjoy discounted pricing on wholesale roots and some leftover retail roots. Only cash and personal checks accepted. Sorry but no credit and debit cards accepted.

Swenson Gardens peony starter fertilizer will be available to purchase onsite at $3.00 per bag. We suggest one bag per peony. Sorry but we do not ship our fertilizer so now is the time to buy during these days. This fertilizer is all chemical free and is similar to what we use in our peony fields. Only cash and personal checks accepted. Sorry but no credit and debit cards accepted.

Knowing the COVID 19 times we are living in, please do not enter our property if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to this virus recently. If you cannot pick up your order due to symptoms during pick up days, please email us at: info@swensongardens.com to make other arrangements if you cannot find someone else to pick up your order.

Thank you again for choosing Swenson Gardens as your chemical free peony grower! We look forward to seeing you again!