Swenson Gardens


Can you say ‘white as snow’ on the peony farm this morning? Last night we received about 4″ of snow and with the wind, drifts abounded around the farm. For those of you in NW Minnesota last night, hang in there spring will come at some point after your blizzard. For our friends in the NE United States, hopefully this front will pass you by vs the winter you’ve had to endure! So what do we do when a fresh blanket of snow and drifts a plenty around the farm? Yes, PLAY!

Redd and Heidi just LOVE to play in the snow drifts! As you can see above, Redd continues to exert his dominance, for now.

Redd was trying his best to evade Heidi but now his speed is matched by Heidi. Even aerodynamic ears didn’t help his get-a-way. Within a few steps Heidi was upon him in the next photo. I had to be very quick to get these shots as it was over in a minute or two.

Heidi tries so hard to achieve dominance. Hang in there Heidi your time will come so for now enjoy frolicking in the snow with your best friend. Oh dear I’m tired from this burst of energy. Let’s see if any of the cats have come out of the barn this morning?

Nope! The drift was too high to let them out from their exit point under the door. Oh well, we’ll just wait for dear old dad to plow the driveway…again. Hey guys want another family picture? How many times do we have to do this dad? No comment…

Heidi, Redd and our family would like to wish you all a blessed Easter! Tune in next week for another post  about life on the peony farm!

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