Swenson Gardens


The peonies are blooming! Though we had another 90F+ today, two of our largest fields are in peak bloom. These are located close to the information tent so once you park your vehicle walk north on our driveway to the white information tent for more details. Because of our micro-climate, they are later blooming due to the cooler temperatures in these areas.

As far as where we are at bloom times, the mid, mid to late and late varieties are at peak bloom. Most of the intersectionals/Itoh hybrid peonies have both primary and secondary bud blooms so you should be able to see most of them in bloom. For those of you who were at Peony Field Days last week, the field to the east of our home was at peak bloom for many intersectional/Itoh hybrid peonies. This week only the secondary buds are in bloom but it is still worth a walk up to our home to view this field and visit our formal garden northwest of our home.

We have lots of shade areas available for picnics and multiple mini biffs are strategically located. Based on the current forecast, looks like cooler temperatures will prevail. You will also notice a chance of rain/thunderstorms for Howard Lake, MN. We do not allow anyone in our fields if thunder and lightening is in the area. You can wait in your vehicle until the isolated storms pass or watch the radar to determine the best time to come out to our peony farm.

Friday, June 11th, we are open from 9a to 5P. The address again is 10958 70th ST SW, Howard Lake, MN. Looking forward to seeing you at Swenson Gardens Peony Field Days!

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