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Monthly Archive: October 2015

The Peonies are almost on the way!

BoxesinCoolerShip2All the final shipments of peonies are packed, labeled and ready to leave our peony farm this morning! Its sad for us as this is the last shipment for 2015 but it is also great that your peonies will be on their way shortly. We have enjoyed growing these for you, nurturing them, maintaining them, digging them and now SHIPPING them. Most of you have already received tracking info from USPS Priority Mail so once they are delivered to the Post Office, please follow their tracking info as you are looking at the same info as us. On receipt of your package, open immediately and store in a cool, dark spot (not a refrigerator) until you are ready to plant them. How long before you should plant? The sooner the better! IF you cannot plant within a few days after receiving, mist the sphagnum moss with water to make sure the roots stay hydrated and again, PLANT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Please, please do not let them sit in the box until next spring! We try very hard to ship the largest, plumpest and freshest roots in this market so the sooner to plant them, the better for your new peonies! Enjoy your Swenson Gardens bare root peonies and happy gardening…and planting!

The Peonies are almost ready to ship!

We have been beyond busy preparing your peony orders the past couple of weeks. We lost the better part of the week of September 21st to rain outs and MUD. All orders have now been picked. We are awaiting final shipping labels from USPS Priority Mail so they should go to our Post Office today or tomorrow. USPS Priority Mail will send out tracking information to all ‘good’ emails once they are delivered to our Post Office. The ‘Swenson Gardens Packing Slips’ are not the tracking information. Those are just for your records as you may have received them automatically.  Hang in there peony gardeners and happy planting soon!