Swenson Gardens


Life on the peony farm this week saw warmer temperatures so most of the snow continues to melt. Of course with the warmer temps and frost coming out of the ground, a muddy mess continues to be the theme around here. Oh and yes the decaying morsels found under the snow. The ‘where’s the mouse’ game is however still working. As you can see in this next pic, both Heidi and Redd challenge each other to find the phantom mouse.

I’m not sure who is having more fun? Heidi is so fast that I have not been able to photograph her when she stands up on her hind legs and dives into the long grass. She is definitely a jumper in the field and now she can climb halfway up her kennel to try and greet me when I tell her its time for a Gator ride.

Not sure why this morning Redd was not willing to face straight ahead like Heidi was doing. I think the cute photo of looking directly into the camera is over! Will try again next week as those pics are adorable. Heidi’s pinned up ears were not working today. Not sure if she was tired or amidst another growth spurt.

As you can see from a side angle. Heidi is getting close to Redd’s height but Redd has her on width and bulk. That will change in the next couple of months so enjoy your dominance while you can, Redd. Now to work on Heidi jumping into the Gator. She has mastered jumping out but just sits and watches Redd jumping into the Gator. Dear old dad is always at her side to lift her in. Will have to weigh her sometime as she is getting heavier by the week.

In honor of National Puppy day on March 23, I leave you dear friends with our puppy pic. Not to be too biased, but man is she cute! I have to remember that while still cleaning up her accidents in the kennel, jumping up on me in my Sunday best clothes with mud covering my khaki dress pants, finding decaying morsels under the snow only to regurgitate them on another new doggy bed, running to the farm supply store to buy another one (5 total so far and hopefully not anymore at $70 a piece) and of course licking me with who knows what she just ate. Life on the peony farm…you gotta love a new puppy!

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