Swenson Gardens


Fairly quiet week on the peony farm and thank you Lord for the snow! Thursday night received 5 inches and later on today and tonight forecasting 5-9 inches more. This is a welcome answer to prayer as the ground is very dry. Bummer that it won’t last with warmer temps next week but any moisture at this time of year is great! Speaking of great, this morning on my walk with our four legged family members, I was greeted with a spectacular hoarfrost awakening.

Hard to depict the splendor of this shot with a hazy sun. These are the kind of winter mornings that I am in awe of. I tried to show Redd and Heidi (now Heidi Bell though she still comes to Heidi and if she doesn’t come, its Heidi Bell) but they were not the least bit interested although they did sit for a few seconds in this next pic.

As you can see Redd is favoring his left leg. During a friendly tussle last evening, appears he re-injured a tendon in his leg. Thus Heidi is now kept under leash to give Redd some time to heal. Oh and in some cases its much easier to catch her as she’s learned that dad and mom do not have treats all the time when she comes to us. Oh dear, Panda Bear, aka Toby, wanted to get in the picture…

He loves to watch Redd and Heidi play but left himself exposed as Redd is on IR. On no, here comes Heidi…again!

Heidi was determined to find something under the rock to eat or play with as Panda Bear just watched. Nothing there so Panda lets play?

No go Heidi! Panda continued looking at Heidi’s antics and was happy just to watch. BTW, no cat was injured during this encounter or any other encounters. We too are thoroughly happy to share life on the peony farm with you and of course watching the Olympics!

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