Swenson Gardens


Thankfully life on the peony farm was back to normal, well as normal can be. I was not able to go outside this morning for my weekly Heidi and Redd post as yours truly spent an interesting experience at our dentist’s office this week. What was supposed to be a normal tooth extraction on Tuesday, turned in to an full blown infection on Friday. Thus the Zpack, prednisone and vicodin needs adult supervision other than myself outside. Thankfully the experience is getting better with each passing hour. However, my dear wife has hid my wallet as I may have a tendency to watch infomercials. During recovery a few years ago whilst on pain meds, our UPS driver showed up with two boxes marked Nuwave on the outside. Where did these come from? To this day I really don’t remember ordering them so as a precaution, my credit cards are no where to be found until I’m off vicodin. Thankfully I did order the carrying case, silicon pizza mat, extension for a larger turkey and an extended warranty. Opening up the next box revealed the same items plus another Nuwave. Somehow the family was not too excited about these amazing appliances so there they continue to sit on the shelf. However, we were able to re-gift one of them but am not able to comment of its usage thereof. Ok so what do I do when I can’t venture out of our dwelling? Franky, want some more catnip?

Franky is now my best cat friend as he follows me around hoping I have the catnip container ready. Not sure if cats can get addicted to catnip, so I may have to cut him off so that doesn’t happen! So what’s Heidi been up to this morning?

Oh dear, she is learning how to climb! Sorry for fuzzy pic as even with optical stabilization, being on prednisone is an adventure. Although the height of their kennel is 6′, we may have to think about some sort of roof to keep her safe. Well honestly, to keep all our coats, shoes, boots and gloves safe. Oh, we are down another $70 chew proof bed this week so only 2 of the original 5 are left. Heidi turned 5 months old today and maybe these 2 beds will last another month? Since she can climb now, won’t be long until she can jump into the Gator. Dear old dad has to lift up her rear up to get her in the Gator but at least she has her front paws on the tailgate. Life on the peony farm, spring is almost on the way?

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