Swenson Gardens


If only peonies would grow as fast as Heidi? Of course then our patience factor vs instant gratification would be in turmoil. Speaking of turmoil, Heidi was able to meet Franky earlier this week. As you can see in the next pic, their meeting didn’t go very well!

Perhaps Heidi is attracted to red hue colors? Of course now that Heidi chased Franky up a tree, at least for the moment Redd had his freedom. This morning was another story though. Heidi could not find any cats to harass so who better to play with?

A clod of dirt? I’m not sure what Heidi see’s in a clod of dirt, but for the moment Redd is happy. There’s Redd! Maybe he is more fun to play with? Stand off at the ok peony corral commenced…

Careful Heidi, at the moment Redd is a tad bigger then you!

You may want to wait a few months Heidi, to surpass Redd’s dominance! All in playful pecking order but life lessons are hard to take Heidi.

Time to look nice and cute for my photographer again. Not sure why he likes to take a lot of pictures of me but yes I will sit on command and look oh so cute for the camera! Guess he’s going through withdrawals not being able to photograph peonies!

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