Swenson Gardens


Ok so our webmaster is hard at work getting the 2018 website coded, we are proofing parts of it, dreaming about peonies, watching Heidi grow by the day and oh yes, a new member of the fertilizer production team was born this week! These Dexter cows are amazing! After carrying the calf into the barn four times to get her warm only to have her go back outside in 2 F temperatures, at 12:30 am that night I finally gave up. The amazing part is the fact that she had a lot more fat on her then calves born in warmer weather. Did mom and daughter know something that I didn’t? Apparently so! Though her newborn calf was white with frost, underneath she was toasty warm with her layer of fat to keep her warm. So this morning I tried to take a few shots of her…when she wasn’t running around. Please welcome, appropriately named, Frosty to the 2018 fertilizer production team! If the peonies only knew what Frosty had to go through for them!

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