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Yes the peonies are resting but the activity level on the peony farm appears to be increasing. We should be updating our 2018 website launch date soon. Our webmaster is hard at work getting the new website updated for the launch. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available. So on to the activity level with yes, Heidi and of course now Redd. He too has upgraded his activity level with his new puppy friend.

Ok Heidi lets go for another walk after breakfast. She knows her name and comes running with her ears pinned when we call her. Or maybe its the treat waiting for her when she comes to us?

Aren’t I cute when I come to my name being called and yes sit in front of us?

Where’s my treat? You called my name, I came running to you so give me a treat! Thank you!

Ok time to play! Heidi LOVES Redd! The joy of being a puppy has inspired Redd to increase his activity level. We brought both of them into the vet this week and he gave a glowing check up for both of them but he was so pleased with Redd based on his age, muscle tone and weight. He was at the top of the chart for his age!

Its amazing how Heidi has grown since posting last week. Jumping is now in very prevalent during our walks. Oh and did I mention speed? She can now keep up to Redd in short bursts of speed.

Ok time for a short break in the action. She has now settled in to resting spots in our newly planted peonies. Oh what fun toys are present in the corn stalk mulch. Especially when she and Redd locate a mouse. That of course is a post in itself!

Heidi its not time to take the mulch off of the peonies! We have a few more months to go!

Ok I’m ready to play with Redd after resting for 67 seconds! Oh to have that much energy. With all the walking we are doing, its great training for when the peonies do start growing in the spring!

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