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Life on the peony farm continues to change. The 2018 Swenson Gardens website is at our webmaster and waiting his expertise in putting this together. Yes our dear mobile gardening friends, this is your year to experience an amazing change to the rendering on smartphones, tablets and iPads! We are so excited to show our website to the world, but we have to be patient until its ready. We will update you as we get closer to launching it. So speaking of change, for those of you who are not following us on our social media sites, welcome Heidi on the peony farm!

Heidi was born on November 14, 2017 and is a German Shepard. The litter was supposed to come last summer but mama decided to wait. We were able to meet her parents and just adored them except when I get too close to a very protective mom. Needless to say she and Redd have been camping out in our mudroom all warm and toasty during the first couple of weeks of below 0 temperatures.

Where’s Redd? She has settled in nicely on the peony farm but Redd continues to enjoy his freedom away from his new roomate?

Oh dear, here comes Redd, Heidi. He is so patient with her…up to a point. I keep telling Redd that that’s the way he was to our sweet Brownie when he was a pup. Somehow he didn’t remember so I told him it is what it is! At night they both cuddle up together so at least when she is sleeping, she doesn’t keep hanging on him. Won’t be long Redd until Heidi may be bigger than you so enjoy this play time now being the top dog!

Redd and Heidi do like to spend time together as long as she is all tuckered out. We forgot how much energy puppies have so she and Redd are taking many walks with us on the peony farm.

Heidi is so excited for the intersectional hybrid peonies to show! Or at least that’s what I was thinking when she momentarily stopped at these peonies in front of our house.

Oh dear, where’s Redd again? Why does he continually run off by himself especially when I wanted to show him our intersectional hybrid peonies?

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