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Intersectional Hybrid Peony jottings…

Intersectional 1-1

The skies cleared up for a few hours this evening for some intersectional hybrid peonies photos. Ok so a few raindrops are wonderful on peony photographing, but I think we are now over 6 inches of rain since Monday evening. Thankfully the weather looks more promising so we can begin to dry out. I just couldn’t pass up the light and texture of the raindrops to FINALLY be able to photograph some peonies.

Intersectional 2-1

Apparently the intersectionals do not realize that we haven’t seen the sun much this week but opening up in the rain makes for tough photography. This photo represents the perfect combination of primary and secondary bud phases. The larger bud is the primary and the smaller one is the still developing secondary. The smaller one is also known as the ‘side buds’. This combination will provide an extended bloom time IF the hot sun does not speed up the bloom time.

Intersectional 3-1

There are some intersectional hybrids that are starting to show some color. It is fun to see some of our new seedlings colors that the master hybridizer, Roger Anderson has developed. Looks like the next couple of days are rain free so will update on our June 3rd and 4th Peony Field Days soon. This will give our peonies and ground some much needed drying out time as we’ve been soaked most of the week. It is amazing though to truly see how the intersectional hybrids and herbaceous ‘no staking’ peonies have held up this week!

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