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Peony Composting New Team Member

murphy 1

Thought I’d give you some fun pics of our new peony composting team member. Our herd is very protective of any new calf as shown here in our barn. This was his first night and when Becky went up to the barn to check on him, here is the pic she took. Pretty cool!

murphy 2

Some of you may have seen ‘Daisy’ on our Facebook site so I was out this evening shooting and she presented this shot. Daisy is a short legged Dexter and we’re not sure if she is as tall as she is wide! She is also our oldest cow of which we do not even know her actual age. Dexter’s can live for, on average, 25 years and are wonderful mothers. She is finally warming up to me as this photo was taken about 3 feet in front of her. Daisy is also the first one to let us know when its time to put out a new bale of hay. Her voice can be heard all the way down in the peony fields.

murphy 3

Over the last week or so, Becky was running a contest on Facebook for the new bull calf’s name. The winner of the contest also received a nice gift certificate for a peony. Make sure to like us on Facebook for our next naming contest as we have more calves to this spring. The winning name is ‘Murphy’. Since this is our son’s cow and calf, he was the judge and picked this name. 126 names were submitted so thank you to all who participated.

murphy 4

Murphy is quite photogenic. And yes the white specs against his black coat are snow flurries. Its funny to watch Daisy chase him around as he is a runner and leaper. Poor Daisy at her age and weight can hardly keep up but the ever watchful herd has him in their sights at all times.

murphy 5

This is by far one of my favorite pics. Daisy was trying so hard to teach Murphy to eat some hay, but moments later he scampered off with his mom in tow AND a mouthful of food. Sound familiar moms?

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