Swenson Gardens


My how things have changed in the past couple of days in the peony fields. When Redd and I checked the fields on Saturday, the ground was partially frozen under the mulch and no tulips were showing around here. Yesterday morning, no tulips were showing but then with the rain and mild temps, the tulips shot up about 6″ by 3 o’clock in the afternoon. A quick call to the team and by 8 PM last evening, they had removed some of the mulch from the fields. So for those of you in zones 4 and possibly 3, might be a good time to start your mulch removal steps. If your tulips are up and/or peaking through the ground in any of zones 2 -5, remove your mulch. What’s strange here is the fact that our crocus are not showing yet the tulips are? This is the earliest we have ever removed mulch so who knows what this year will be like. Hang on for the 2016 peony growing season!

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