Swenson Gardens

Update on the peony farm

Things are never dull on our peony farm. The digging crew continues their quest to dig all the peonies for our first ship before the hot and muggy weather sets in early next week. Rumor has it that the crew may complete this quest tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. That same sentiment echos throughout the process as the washers, dividers and finish processors also stepped up to that quest. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our goal is to get them into the cooler as quickly as possible. Things were going alone very well until a huge boom and glass came flying out of our outside spotlights on our processing barn. Silence then set upon our property as the coolers went quiet, water stopped flowing out of the hoses and no sound out of the speakers from our favorite radio station. Thankfully Cara was not hurt from the falling glass fixtures and no one at that time was holding anything that was electrical. Danny called as he was heading down the driveway to let us know that one of our power lines was on the ground. YIKES! A call into our electric coop ensued and at least for us, many prayers were ushered up thanking our Great Lord that Cara and others were not hurt and a quick response to repair the line so the coolers could get back online. When the linesmen arrived the cause of this accident was a truck and trailer that was carrying a corn crib ripped off the lines hanging over the road on 70th Street. Needless to say these hoodlums continued on there merry way down 70th Street and broke other power lines that fed into various farms. The linesmen were not happy and are currently looking for these hoodlums. So after a 3 hour siesta, all crews resumed their now faster pace knowing that all parts to this process are working normally. The only residual damage to the power surge are a couple broken out light fixtures (that weren’t even turned on) and the electric fence charger that was also fried in the cattle barn. According to the linemen, this was a minor surge after the power line was cut. We are very thankful though that all members of our crew were safe and life on the peony farm continues for another day!

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