Swenson Gardens

What has happened to the peony digging crew?

2015 NH-1Guess this is what happens after six days of digging peonies! Not sure if the added cattails and mud items are used to line up the New Holland tractor for digging up the peonies…whatever works is ok by me! Seriously though, Danny and his crew are doing a great job and are 70% done with the first dig. Our goal at Swenson Gardens is to dig, divide, process and pack as quickly as possible so we can store in one of our coolers until they are picked up or shipped. Every order is freshly dug so that you may receive the healthiest roots possible. With rain forecasted for tomorrow, the crew is on a fast pace as digging in the rain is no fun. Now singing in the rain is great, so digging and singing in the rain for peonies is the BEST! Right peony digging crew?

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