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Peony field jottings…

Ruth Cobb Seed Pod-1The last color in our peony fields ended on July 10th. Almost 9-weeks of color this year since the first bloom appeared on May 9th. With the cooler temps and cloudy days at the start of bloom, that added another 10-14 days of color towards the end of the bloom. We normally average 7-8 weeks of color in the fields so this was an exceptional bloom season of color! For us home peony gardeners, that is why we stress early, mid and late bloomers to enjoy color over a longer period of time. Things have quietened down here on the peony farm, except the weeds and field maintenance. The weed crew continues to do an excellent job in their weekly jaunts through the fields. Now with the higher temps and the cooler temp weeds ending, things should slow down for them in the next few weeks. Hope all is well in your gardens!

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