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Peony field jottings…

Candy Stripe-1With most of the peonies color gone in the field, now what do I photograph? Yes I can spend time in the pollinator field awaiting more wild flowers to bloom, however, I think there is still beauty in a peony spent bloom. Would you have guessed ‘Candy Stripe’ in this picture? From the naked eye he looked rather dull but looking through the macro lens, I got excited. Left click on this pic and see what you think? The remnants of Candy Stripe’s bi-colored petals are still noticeable.

Candy Strip Seed Pods-1Now lets go closer in with the Tamron 90mm macro lens. Very cool! His seed pods are starting to enlarge with her little babies starting to grow. His/her pregnancy lasts for about two months before giving birth (seed pods open up and walla…new peony babies). For this post it is all about the spent blooms beauty and in the future will post more on our hybridizing efforts and how you too can do this next year. Happy gardening and please enjoy your spent peony blooms!

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