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We have color in the fields! One of our intersectional/Itoh hybrid field is in peak color. There you will see 15+ varieties in all their glory. Other fields include many varieties from early to late blooms. Yes the heat is the main contributing factor to peonies blooming quickly, but it is still a glorious sight to behold. Its hard to put a percentage figure on the amount of blooms due to our various micro-climates. Varieties in one field may be at their peak but in another field, they are still in bud stage. Thank the good Lord for creating micro-climates as you will see that when walking through our fields.

Early and early to mid bloom peonies are some of my favorite colors. Call them vibrant or effervescent or hot, they are spectacular in fields and of course in your gardens. Today will be the last time you can see these colors as they will not be here on June 11th and 12th.

Due to the high temperatures forecasted for later this afternoon, we will be closing at 4 PM. We have lots of shade around our home so please avail yourselves to that inbetween fields that are all in full sun. Remember my adage? More sun more blooms! Less sun less blooms. Well that is certainly true in our fields.

Looking forward to seeing you at our 2021 Swenson Gardens Peony Field Days!

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