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Greetings dear peony friends! Our webmaster is hard at working updating our 2021 website. Please be patient as I’ve given him a ton of new peonies to upload. This will be a record setting launch with 182 total varieties. That includes 86 new varieties of which 36 of those are our new exclusive peony seedlings.

Some of you may be asking, ‘what is a Swenson Gardens exclusive peony seedling’? Well, I’m glad you asked! Swenson Gardens continues to be the worlds largest peony hybridizer of new herbaceous/lactiflora/garden and intersectional/Itoh hybrid peonies. A peony seedling is an unnamed variety that we at Swenson Gardens has bred and also the last generation of Roger F Anderson’s peony seedlings that we purchased from him in 2013. All of our peony seedlings that we sell are painstakingly registered with the American Peony Society.

Make no mistake, our new peony seedlings are known around the world as the new peonies to have in your garden and in some cases, commercially. Take for example ‘Wonderous Delight’. This is the first early bloom time, full double, cut flower, no staking and very fragrant white peony in the world that was hybridized by Swenson Gardens. Intersectional/Itoh hybrid exclusive new peonies? ‘Tonka Purple’, hybridized by Roger F Anderson which is a semi-double to double purple. Again, first of its kind…in the world.

Yes we have been working overtime to release our world class peonies for 2021. Now if yours truly can be a good patient as I heal up from rotator cuff surgery on 19 November. Typing with one finger is driving me crazy but am thankful that I can still hold a cup of tea with my left arm…for the next 3 months?! Happy peony shopping, soon!

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