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Taking a stroll around our home this afternoon led to some great shots of peonies! The joy and anticipation for us up here is the same no matter if the peonies are just peeking out of the ground, blooming or cutting the bushes to the ground in the fall. It still fascinates me by the passion of peony enthusiasts. It can be winter time and the memories of peonies never fade! Conversations about peonies last for generations!


Seeing the first buds of an early peony variety left me awestruck on this shot. Enough said when you hover your cursor over this pic and expand it to full screen. By the way if you haven’t tried that before, all the pictures on our blog can be expanded to full screen by doing that.


Ok, so which shot of this species peony do you like better? Shooting in manual and focusing in manual allows many changes to your composure. For me I actually like both shots of this species peony.


Last but certainly not least is a shot taken of one of our peony fields. Here you can gauge the bloom time by the peonies growth. This past week and especially yesterday, were very busy with the field crew. All the cornstalk mulch was removed (manually with pitchforks) between the rows in our new field, cultivating and tilling was done between the rows and finally the last field was seeded with an annual cover crop between the rows at 8:15 PM last night. Needless to say they did an unbelievable and we are so proud of our field crew! Thank you young men for the great job and very hard manual labor. We calculated that they walk over 7-miles yesterday in the peony fields! Maybe that’s why are peonies grow so well for us as they have the easiest job on our peony farm and we have the hardest job caring for them without chemicals!


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