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Fire on the peony farm! For those of you on our social media sites, this is old news for you but us bloggers need some action too! Yes friends it was a hot evening here a couple of weeks ago. No fears as this was a controlled burn by our local fire department. Burning off the old grass from the last two years encourages new growth. About seven years ago we had planted this field south of the peonies with native prairie grass and pollinators. Unfortunately the noxious canary reed grass took over. Perhaps some year we will try again with natives, but for now we replanted with more invasive ‘good grasses’ like Timothy, Orchard Grass and Fescue. Of course the fertilizer production team is very happy with aforementioned choices of fodder.


As the fire on the peony farm completes its task, a lone fireman cautiously approaches the heart of the fire and extinguishes any remaining hot spots. Thank you to all the local fireman that kept the neighbors, ourselves and most of all, our peonies safe!

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