Swenson Gardens



What a crazy week on our peony farm! This photo was taken from our front porch during a tornado and thunderstorm warning on March 6th. With a major cold front slamming into the 60+ degree temps in early March, needless to say we quickly ran to the basement after taking this quick shot and warning sirens going off around us. Since we moved here, we’ve seen two tornado’s. One to the north and one to the SE of us, but thankfully no touchdowns and subsequent damage. We always ask, ‘how many storms has this house been through since being built in 1901’? At lease for us in our tenure here, way too many as of late. In Minnesota, we have a phrase that ‘if you wait 20-minutes the weather will change’. Well the next morning we had 1/2″ of snow on the ground and temps that touched 0 degrees this week. No hail damage here from this storm, but 4 miles west of us the ground was covered with shovel-able hail up to 4″ in diameter! Again, what a crazy week on our peony farm!

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