Swenson Gardens



The peonies updates are finally done on our end and off to our very capable webmaster to do his thing! Hard to believe that seven weeks of photography during the bloom season, cropping a few hundred of the almost 3,000 photos taken, editing and proofing are now down to a CD. This time of year is fun to go through all the photos and try and pick the ones that look nice for the website. This year we kept our web designers homepage as is after all the positive feedback we received last year. We asked her for an easy to navigate page and wow did she do her magic. Yes it costs a lot of money to retain her, but she has been designing our site since we first started. She is an national award winning designer and can’t thank her enough! Our webmaster will update us on the 2017 launch date when more facts are available. We can’t wait to show off some of our peonies to you!

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