Swenson Gardens

Candy Stripe peony is the star of the bouquet!


Becky asked if I would take a picture from my angle versus the angle she has been doing for Facebook and Pinterest. Well, see what you think and from my angle not only did her bouquet turn out great but perhaps I do have some creativeness in my shooting angles? Most of my 8,000+ shots during bloom time are to record new peony registrations and provide new material for next years website. Perhaps you saw me during Peony Field Days running through the rows of peonies shooting like a wild man before the storms and high temps blew out the blooms. Most of my shots are for ‘factual’ reasons versus ‘creativity’. It is nice though to slow down and enjoy a shot like this!

Candy Stripe is amazing in bouquets as well as in gardens. Those attributes are the main reasons that Candy Stripe is one of our top five sellers every year. Candy Stripe was Roger Anderson’s first registered peony. Little did he know that decades latter, Candy Stripe is still not found in most gardens. Perhaps this is the year that you will add Candy Stripe to your peony garden?

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