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Peony Field Days Update as of June 2, 2016

I’m not sure if this link came over from YouTube regarding our upcoming Peony Field Days for June 3rd and 4th so if it didn’t link in our blog, search (and subscribe as well to our YouTube Channel) ‘2016 SwensonGardens.com Peony Field Days’. This video was filmed around 6:00 PM tonight by our capable video editor, Ben. As you can see as of now, we are at 15-20% color. The team has tried to do their best in getting the fields ready and based on where we were at a few days ago, they have done an amazing job! And yes they all received Blizzards from DQ when they finished. I guess being ALL chemical free has its advantages! Right team? Not to be redundant but, as of now, the fields are walk-able and parking area is firm. I say as of now because you  know what the forecast is tonight and tomorrow so we are praying that the storms will be parted and leave us high and dry.

For those of you who have emailed and called regarding our previously washed out driveway, it is repaired and for those of you who want to stay in your vehicle, there is a turn-a-round on top of the hill past our home. With the wet conditions between our driveway and canopy, we will not be able to accommodate parking next to the canopy for those who are physically challenged and/or need wheel chair accessibility. As of now, even before the forecast, you will need boots in order to walk through this field. Some portions, as of now, are dry but the north and south end are very muddy from the flooding.

Our old peony field east of our driveway is drier, as of now, for walking. There are a few varieties there that are not in our west field. Most of them are on the far eastern side which leads you past our pond. Make sure to stay on all the areas of grass that are mowed unless you would like to leave an assortment of boots, shoes and sandals for us to claim sometime this summer!

We will post on our Blog and Facebook for any changes to June 3rd and will have a recorded message at 763-350-2051. Safe travels to our Peony Field Days!

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