Swenson Gardens

Peony farm jottings…


We get it when the rains come down but not so much when the floods come up on the peony farm! The last 2 1/2 hours have been crazy here with all the rain, wind and hail. Inches fell in this time period unlike we have never seen in the last few years. Luke and I ventured into the storm to see what all the water on the west side of our driveway was all about.


Needless to say the closer we got the more interesting it became. A river of water had breached over our driveway as the culverts could not keep up with the flow.


Yes our driveway was still somewhat intact; however about 8″ of the top layer of the driveway is gone. Where the farthest telephone pole is located is 70th street. What use to be a newly planted cornfield on the other side of 70th st is now a lake. The 36″ culvert at the end of our driveway could not keep up with the water flow so we now have a lake on the west side of our driveway too. We also received some wind damage by our home that moved one of our trailers about 15 yards into a pine tree. We haven’t been able to assess the peony fields as the storm is still going on. If you so choose, please pray for our peony farm. Thankfully all the peonies are on high ground but not sure yet what the wind and hail have done to our fields.  I’m sure some of the non staking varieties are leaning over but all the intersectional hybrids around our home are still standing tall.

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