Swenson Gardens

Jottings on the peony farm…


Matilda is getting to be very photogenic as she followed me around this evening with camera in hand. Though she was shy in this photo…


her playful nature trying to catch a honey bee kept me focused on her versus the peonies.


after a few minutes of trying to catch a honey bee, she laid down in front of me and settled for some grass.


For those of you who have met ‘Guppy’, he tends to be an underachiever when it comes to work and an overachiever when it comes to ‘cat naps’. He is now the oldest cat on our farm and perhaps the most loved even though he is a handsome 17 lbs! He was thinking about moving from his sunny spot trying to watch some seeds grow…


but then as usual, he fell asleep. We love you Guppy anyways!

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