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Intersectional hybrid peony foliage…


I couldn’t pass up this shot of Maddie Mae checking out the new intersectional hybrid peony growth in our garden bed.


Intersectional hybrid peonies are still my favorite peony variety whether it is in the spring when their foliage is burgundy in color or at bloom time or when their foliage stays shrub like and green well into the fall or I just love them all season long! They are easier to grow than other herbaceous, and certainly tree peonies, so if you do not have any in your gardens, you have to try some! All of our intersectional hybrid peonies are originators stock and NO TISSUE CULTURE IS ALLOWED IN OUR FIELDS! PERIOD! Some may ask if we grow Itoh’s or Itoh hybrid peonies and the answer is yes; however, we have chosen to use the terms intersectionals or intersectional hybrid peonies instead. Both descriptions are approved by the American Peony Society so we use our terms as they truly are a cross between the two sections of peonies. The mom is a herbaceous peony and the dad is a tree peony.


Looking down a row of 3-year old intersectional hybrid peonies is a treat! I’m getting anxious to see their growth and blooms but that still may be weeks away! Patience dear peony gardeners, patience…at least for us up in Zone 4. For those of you in warmer zones, I hope you are enjoying your bloom times! Speaking of bloom times down south, received some pictures of their ‘White Emperor’s’ blooming, in North Dallas. Wonderful news as the rumor is that intersectional hybrid peonies do better than herbaceous peonies in areas as far south as Dallas. For our other Texas customers, please let us know your findings via email, info@swensongardens.com. Thanks!

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