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2016 Website Update


Oh to be taking a snooze in the peony field like one of our cats Panda, Panda Bear…aka Toby. I’m afraid the only way we would be able to see him in the peony field now is casting his black coloring against the SNOW! Maybe 4″ on the ground as we are way below normal snowfall for this time of the year. Reminds me somewhat of last year except no below 0 F temps as of today. As I get wiser, not older of course, I’m okay with warmer temps in the winter for this cycle, but I LOVE snow. Yes dear gardening friends winter is my second favorite season. Spring is still my favorite but we have a few months to go!

Updating a new design for our website is a lengthy process. We were presented the new ‘look’ yesterday from our designer and the consensus is WOW…again!  She has been with us since the beginning and knows us and more importantly you! We are amazed at her eye for detail, yet ease of use on compute and yes for this year, mobile. The 4,000+ original pictures are now down to a mere 1,000 or so. My guess as of today is by the end of January for launch date but stay tuned to the blog and Facebook for real time updates as we get closer to launching. One of the exciting factors in launching every year is the number of new varieties we will be offering. Well for our bloggers, 52 new varieties will be forthcoming! This is the largest number of new varieties we have ever offered!

Though our peonies are dormant in the fields, we certainly have not been dormant preparing to launch SwensonGardens.com new peony website!

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