Swenson Gardens

Peony Pickup Days Saturday, September 5th and 12th from 9 am to 5 PM

Ok gardening friends, your peonies are ready to pick up on Saturday, September 5th and 12th from 9 am to 5 PM rain or shine. We will have a canopy set up at the entrance to our processing barn. We can’t wait to see you again! Regarding parking, come all the way north on our driveway past our home and you will be greeted at the information area close to the canopy on where to park. Please do not park anywhere on our driveway or lawn as we will have you park in our sand riding area. If anyone needs special assistance, please let us know at the information area and we will accommodate special parking privileges and any help that you may require. Some of you have been emailing and calling on how soon do you need to plant your new bare root peonies? Our normal response is sooner the better! How soon is soon? We would say within a day or two. Just make sure NOT to leave them in a hot vehicle or any place in direct sunlight. They are packed in sphagnum moss and try to keep in a cool, dark place until you can plant them. It would also be wise to check on them and mist some water on them if they are held in storage before planting. Do not put them in a refrigerator as that is too cold for them now. They need about 6-weeks in the ground in order to develop tiny feeder roots before the ground freezes. So use your best judgement on when to plant them and if not able to in a few days, again, store in a cool, dark place, leave the bag open so condensation does not build up inside the bag and mist lightly if keeping them in storage if longer than a few days. Remember to pick up a bag of our chemical free peony starter fertilizer of which one bag per root is all you need for decades to come. If any questions on how to plant your bare root peonies, experts on hand to help you with that. Now our road before you head north on our driveway is rather bumpy and rocky as they are trying to rebuild it after the mess we had last spring. Finally per our insurance policy I have to share our disclaimer that they require anytime the general public is on our property so bear with me, upon entering our property at 10958 70 th Street SW, Howard Lake, MN 55349, Swenson Gardens, Keith and Becky Swenson, its employees and agents shall not be held liable for any injuries and/or death when visiting our property. You are on our property at your own risk. We ask that you be careful as this is a working farm including equipment, livestock, electric fences and a pond. Please keep any children under direct adult supervision at all times. It is ok to look at the animals but be aware that all our fences are electric. We want all of you to have a safe and enjoyable time will you visit our property! Thank you and thank you for letting us grow these amazing peonies for you! Have a safe trip out here and be sure to check out some apple orchards like Fall Harvest in Delano, Carlsons Orchard in Winsted and stop in at Cattail Corners in Howard Lake for some fall color and natural pet supplies. See you tomorrow or on Saturday, September 12th during peony pickup days.

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