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Swenson Gardens peony starter fertilizer available during peony pick up days


The peony compost team and our son have all been busy preparing our chemical free peony starter fertilizer that will be for sale when you pick up your orders or when visiting our peony barn sale. We can’t use the word ‘o_r_g_a_n_i_c’ so thus the chemical free phrase is ok. All ingredients are chemical free including the composted cow manure that we let set over one winter, no grain or corn is fed to our cattle and all our pasture and hay has never been sprayed with chemicals. It always concerns me when buying a bag of composted cow manure when you really don’t know where it has come from and what chemicals, antibiotics and feed is included. The reason why we let our compost winter one season is to make sure any weed seeds are killed by the low winter temps and the high summer temps as it is decomposing. The bag he is selling contains enough nutrients for years to come. He sells it for $3.00 a bag and each bag is enough for one root. He would be glad to talk with you about the ingredients he uses except for the ‘secret’ ingredient that have have literally GROWN to love in some of our test fields. Oh by the way, this will also help his college fund. Not sure why this is his favorite time on our peony farm?


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