Swenson Gardens

Summer fun on the peony farm part one

Keith selfie with Panda

In between our busy times on the peony farm things do get somewhat concerning when I try to take selfies of ‘Toby’ aka ‘Panda Bear’ and me. We’ve been trying to get all the cats and kittens to stay in the barn but its so much fun sitting on the steps in back of our house. Just don’t tell the family that I sometimes eat supper on the steps and somehow meat falls off my plate.

New Kitties

Speaking of kittens, who needs to watch tv or surf the web! They are so much fun. Even Becky sits with me…of course without that stuff that falls off of my plate. We are now down to two ‘daddies’ kittens left. The others have found wonderful new homes. The new kittens names are ‘Gerty’ short for Gertrude and ‘Franny’. Since this was our first batch of kittens, the first step was to Google ‘how to tell a boy kitty from a girl kitty’. So back and forth we went from the computer to the actual kitten just to make sure. End result of the ones we kept…we think they are girls! 🙂

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