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Photography jottings 2…

Honey Bee and Trefoil1Just north of our peony field, the ‘pollinator field’ is starting to bloom. We worked with the Wright County NCRS office to set up one of the first pollinator fields under the USDA Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) in Wright County, MN. Because we are an island in amongst agriculture crop land, loss of habitat for honey bees, upland birds and song birds are a significant problem, but not on our farm! The overall health of all plants are dependent on insects and most of all honey bees! This particular honey bee was busy attending to the Trefoil plant. Besides being a wonderful honey bee plant, we have also planted this in one of our rotational grazing fields for the cattle. With having two active honey bee hives, all the flowers (peonies especially), grasses and legumes do exceptionally well.

Brohme Grass1Brohme grass is one of many types or grass planted in our pollinator field.

Black Eye Susan1Black Eye Susan is just starting to bloom and will put on her show over the next month or two. The Trefoil plant appears in all its beauty next to her. Don’t you just love perennials? Welcome back…again!

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