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Peony Field Days 2015 Recap

DSC09179Thank you to the 2,400+ gardeners, photographers, artists and friends who visited Peony Field Days over the four days of being open to the public this year! It was fun to talk with you and share, what we think, a piece of Heaven. We are so blessed to be able to share this with you and trust your returning or first visit to our fields was a treat as well. It is hard to predict the weather and bloom times but for those of you who attended on June 13th, that was the overall peak color percentage this year. Even yesterday, June 14th, the fields have started their downward  progression for overall color. With some late varieties and of course the amazing intersectional hybrids, are still waiting to bloom, I’ll update with ‘colors’ as the weeks progress. Yes weeks on some intersectionals! In years past, ‘Bartzella’ has had color for four weeks. Topeka Coral, pictured above, was the overall winner for number of bare-root peonies ordered. She put on a display over the last two weeks that wowed even us! Close behind was Bartzella, Hillary, Candy Stripe, Red Grace, Coral Sunset and many others. Thank you again for visiting Peony Field Days, entrusting us with growing chemical -free peonies and placing orders with Swenson Gardens. Ordering is still available through our online store and by going to our ‘How to order’ page for printable order forms. Pick up orders are only available through mail-order and NOT through our online store. Happy gardening!

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