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Peony Field Days June 12th and 13th

DSC08026Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th are our final Peony FIeld Days for 2015. The times are 9 am to 5 PM. We will post on Blog and Facebook if there are any changes due to weather conditions. You can also call us at 763.350.2051 for changes as well. The fields look spectacular and peaking at the right time provided the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow change! It may be a chance to see in person what we mean by ‘no staking’ in our product descriptions IF the storms actually occur. Last evening we had a few sprinkles but the severe storms were north of us. With the 90 degree temps yesterday, a few of the late blooming varieties are showing. Candy Stripe is in bloom so those of you last week who were disappointed that he wasn’t in bloom, please come back on Friday or Saturday to see one of our top five selling peonies. For those of you who have been viewing our aerial Peony Field Tour video, our son is trying to give you a birds eye view of the fields open during Peony Field Days. Its been very windy so he’s doing a great job trying to control it. Now to get an cloudy day so the colors will pop. All the intersectional hybrid peonies are blooming now. The beauty of this type of peony is the fact that their blooms are long lasting and most of them bloom a second time.

DSC08066Bartzella is starting to peak on his/her first wave of blooms and notice how high the second bloom stems are this year because of the cooler temps throughout much of the growing season…until yesterday. Our record number of blooms for a 5-year old plant was 55 blooms over a 28-day period. Rumors have been 80+ blooms (on the same plant) but we have not seen that as we do not grow them that long in the fields. For those of you considering a yellow intersectional hybrid peony, Bart is still our favorite and another variety that is in our top five sales every year. The address again for Peony Field Days is 10958 70th Street SW, Howard Lake, MN. For those of you coming from the south on County Road 6, Winstock is going on in Winsted on Friday and Saturday. You may want to bypass Winsted if at all possible. I think tomorrow night I may post what’s not in bloom as that might be easier than what is in bloom. As of today there are maybe 20 mid-late and late varieties that haven’t popped yet. If weather is happening in the fields tomorrow evening, I may not venture out to get those to you. Will see how the day goes and please pray that the storms miss us! Thanks!



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