Swenson Gardens

Peony field jottings…

DSC05811 DSC05806 DSC05799Some new arrivals in the fields today! I had to try out my new camera tonight even though the sun was a blazing. I had mentioned earlier about moving up to a Sony A99 full frame body; however, based on my success with the A77, I actually went with an A77 mk ii. After speaking with Paul Nedrud at National Camera Exchange, it just made more sense to go with this body as the end product is already wonderful with the lenses that I have. The old adage of ‘its in the glass’ really makes sense! The better the lens, the better the picture! These were shot with the 24-70 Zeiss lens with a B&W pro xs nano MRC circular polarize filter. One tip when shooting with a circular polarize filter is to have the sun perpendicular to your subject. No diffuser was used so this is full sun shooting with spot on color even with Lil’ Sweetie on the right. Red is a bear to shoot in full sun. With over 6″ of rain in the last week, fields are very muddy. Color wise just a few varieties are starting to bloom. Will keep you posted on additional Peony Field Dates as the color starts to pop. This morning when I walked the colorful dogs it was 35 degrees. No frost on the ground like they are having about an hour north of here. Tonight is forecasting a balmy 38 degrees. Can’t believe how cold its been but loving the moisture. I heard that we are now out of drought conditions! Thankfully though our beloved peonies are drought resistant anyways! Happy gardening!

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