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Monthly Archive: June 2016

peony field days updates…

Amazing what the crew can get done in the peony fields when the temperatures are in the low 60 F’s! Perhaps the best day of the week…so far versus the past 10-days. Yes we are all, including the peonies, high and dry for now. For those of you who are thinking about coming out on Friday, June 3rd, I’m sure you have seen the forecast! If any changes to June 3rd, we will post on our blog and Facebook pages or you can call us at 763-350-2051 for a recorded message.

I took a stroll through the peony fields tonight to see where we are at in the bloom time. Tonight my opinion is still ‘early’ to ‘early to mid’. Some ‘mid’ are starting to show and some of the intersectional hybrid peonies are as well. Red Charm is about 2-days away from peak and the corals are just starting. One thing I noticed this year is the size of the peony blooms. Some of them are the biggest we’ve ever had since planting our first peonies here in Howard Lake in 2007. Lemon Chiffon had soccer ball size blooms that were simply amazing…before the last rainfall a day or so ago.

Today the crew tried to mow some walkways through a hay field that leads to the peony field and it was reachable by foot but not with the zero turn mower. The topsoil from our neighbors field filtered into the normal walkway to this field so we are trying to come up with a plan B as a result of the May 23rd storm. Stay tuned for more updates to our Peony Field Days!