Swenson Gardens

Monthly Archive: May 2016

Peony farm jottings…


Our dear Emma provided some exciting news over the weekend with the birth of her bull calf.  Emma is a Scottish Highlander that was bred to our Dexter bull, rest in peace, Buford. I tell you old man Buford was responsible for some of the nicest calves we’ve ever had this year during his 7-year smile on our farm. What a legacy he left with these calves. This makes four bulls and one heifer with one more cow to birth this spring.Will be interesting in another 9-months to see how Elvis Lee does with the next batch of calves.


Becky and Redd went for a walk a couple of evenings ago and she took this amazing almost sunset picture. Becky is becoming quite a photographer and I love her eye for those special shots. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more exciting photos.