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Swenson Gardens is closed for 2023 ordering. Check back in early January, 2024, to view and order our exciting new peonies. Thanks for a great 2023!

Our New Seedlings

Looking for a new retail peony variety division? Swenson Gardens is for you. We specialize in unique world class peony hybrids. Herbaceous hybrid, lactiflora and intersectional hybrid or Itoh hybrid peonies are our one-of-a-kind creations. We also carry Roger F Anderson’s retail peony seedlings. Gorgeous, unique peonies are our specialty.

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Worldclass Hybridizer

At Swenson Gardens, we continue to hybridize exciting new intersectional (Itoh’s) hybrids, herbaceous hybrids, and Lactiflora peonies.

Chemical-Free Grower

Grandma and Grandpa never used chemicals so why should we? Taking care of our Creator’s earth provides the best possible peonies.

Peonies That Don't Flop

For the best landscaping appeal, look for our no staking peonies, marked as “NS.” Almost all of our peonies are bred for stem strength.

Our New Exclusive Seedlings

2023 is an exciting year in the peony world, because peony enthusiasts, you can own a unique peony variety. First, purchase the entire stock of 3- to 4-year-old adult plants. Name the second word in its title. Then, enjoy your own unique variety! We will divide the plants per your instructions. Then you can pick them up or have them shipped.

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Intersectionals, also known as intersectional hybrid or Itoh hybrid peonies, are truly the next generation of peonies. These strong-stemmed plants are a cross between a tree peony and a garden peony. They look spectacular, and are easy to grow. Think tree peony flower and foliage on a garden peony stem that can be cut down in the fall.

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Garden Peonies

Garden varieties are some of the most popular peonies and are enjoyed around the world. Heirloom and new varieties are grown here for all types of peony enthusiasts. These versatile plants offer a wide range of bloom times, so you can enjoy peonies over an extended season. Their appeal is exquisite, both in your landscape and bouquet.

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How To Order

Peonies are shipped or picked up in the fall. Don’t miss out!

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Peony Care

Proper peony care is vital to the health and longevity of your plants.

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Swenson Gardens is open for 2023!