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Peony Field Days Update!

DSC06423I don’t know if ‘tiger’ the cat or myself is worn out from taking 500+ peony photos this evening! He followed me up and down the rows but finally gave out towards the end. So if each row is 500′ long and there are 12 rows in this field, maybe that’s why I’m tired too!

DSC06431In this side of field, not as many blooms showing but overall I’d say we’re in the 30 to 35% color showing range. With early, early to mid and mids really popping, the color variations are spectacular. One of my favorite blooms times as the ‘hot’, unique and eye catching colors are blooming in other parts of our fields.

DSC06666The intersectional hybrid peony, ‘First Arrival’ in all her glory started this evening. I would say about 12 intersectionals started to bloom this evening.

DSC06705Ok so you have to stop and smell this one when you are out in our peony fields! ‘Carnation Bouquet’ has a clove scent. Yes clove and how about letting this one spice up your…peony gardens!

DSC06696One of our most popular dark red peonies called ‘Chocolate Soldier’ appeared in bloom this evening. You may want to order this one early as he usually sells out at Peony Field Days. I just had to post these even though I said earlier that bloom updates were done but after an amazing evening in the fields with color, some of these varieties will not be around on the 12th and 13th. Fields were actually getting better this evening BUT you know who is flying around. YES I would apply mosquito repellant at your vehicles before entering the fields and make sure to wear waterproof boots in the fields. See you at Peony Field Days!

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