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IMG_0624For those of you new to SwensonGardens.com, thanks for stopping by. This is Keith Swenson and my side kick, Redd, of course our red lab. Thought it would be easier to remember his name by the color and type of lab he is. Brownie, our chocolate lab, was too shy to be in the picture. With 35 various cows, cats and dogs (all of whom have names), it does get a tad confusing, well a lot confusing for my age. Now peonies, no problem on names. We grow over 300 varieties of named peonies and 1000’s of unnamed Roger Anderson’s seedlings. I hope to bring you a taste of our family and farm life as we begin this new adventure together.  As you can see in the picture, peonies are doing great! Spring is relatively normal for us versus the past two years of a very late spring. I will be posting the dates for our Peony Field Days when we get closer to peak bloom. Make sure to bookmark this page as our old blog will be going away. Happy gardening!

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